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The snow is my sign
like the thunder
like the lightening
that foretells what is coming
The snow is my balm
my whiteness of Gilead
the storm is rolling
but for now there is snow
My eyes see the snow
my heart feels the lightening
I know it will strike
when the thunder roars in
and in that hour
his eyes will open
the knowledge, the horror
the honor, the earthquake
i will ascend
but I'll be pulled back.
The snow is a promise
that lightening will strike
and after all
after all
Here I'll have to remain
Give back the dream--
and thanks for the snow.
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 3 1
God Follows
God Follows
My problem has never been lack of faith
but too much faith in punishment
every transgression i have made
kicks me into banishment
I am damned by my choices
expelled into darkness
a black so deep
no stars can touch it.
Still, I have a cross to bear
I have the crown of thornes
and though it may take my life, my God,
Some day I will go home.
I do not know what heaven is
who will be there, where they've gone
I find no comfort in a joy lit room
Nor in prayer, nor in song.
My faith is sacred and I am scared
of all that I've done wrong.
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 9 13
Angel Now Ascending
Words, like grief, have might
and to yuou, I want to give them
You're sitting by God tonight
and for that I will never forgive Him
Your name meant fiery angel
and you lived up to that name
I wailed as we laid you low
I'll never wail like that again
Love, though, can last forever
and mine you always will have
One day we'll be back together
One day He will open your grave.
And I will never forget you
though the years may fog up my mind
This is what it means to be ruined
Burying the soul that was mine
Angel now you're now ascending
and my heart is bending and breaking
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 10 10
Look How Happy She Is!
Look how happy she is!
her opalescent skin
her long red hair
the silk and the satin
the royal, velvet blue--
So much happier than you.
Look how thoughtful she is!
A half, sheepish smile
her fist on her chin
the 1000 mile stare
glittering like gems--
She basks in her reasons.
Look how mighty she is!
Brave like a tiger
coniferous and bellicose
full of brimstone and fire
She has courage, and so much of that--
While you don't even know how to act.
She is a paragon, a pillar
strength, beauty and resolve
yet still something is unquiet within her
as her head nods just slightly
and then nods no more--
This echelon of a woman
was found dead on her floor
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 6 7
If I let the words out
each barb and prick
blood like roses
if the words slip
If I started to scream
nobody would hear
with lips tightly closed
with no one to share
If I took a slit
and made a strike
what would leak out?
words or life?
I'll keep the words
I'll study the knife
from morning til evening
and give up my nights
I haven't the courage
I havne't the means
I sew up my lips
I swallow the screams.
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 14 14
(A Beautiful Death for the Heartbroken One)
(A Beautiful Death for the Heartbroken One)
You made me a promise
but can't bear to keep it
And I'm on my knees
crying and cheated.
Stay away, Love, stay far away
You have your intentions to leave anyway.
Stay far away Love, go and be far
so you won't see me weeping alone on the floor.
I'll return the rings, Love—I'll give back your rings
a circle's a curse and a terrible thing--
It cannot be broken. Only can bend,
and a heart once bespoken never can mend.
I'll return the rings, Love, I'll give back your life
If you will release this wretch of a wife
Then with the hardest times over, finished and done
I'll lay out my bones to bleach in the sun...
(a beautiful death for the heartbroken one)
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 9 16
Be Not Ye Far (a lullaby)
Be Not Ye Far (a lullaby)
Lover, so fair--
come stroke my hair,
hold me fast--
as the night lasts--
...don't let my fears
ride out of the dark.
Hold me fast,
when day is past--
softly swear,
you'll be right there--
...and that my fears
will stay in the dark.
Don't suffer my fears--
don't suffer my tears!
hold me fast,
when day is past.
you'll be right there;
and you'll softly swear--
“Lover, so fair”
and stroke my hair.
And all of my fears --
those spidery sparks!
those spindly spears--
will shrink in the dark!
...Lover so fair:
Be not ye far.
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 6 13
I'll Make it Look Like An Accident
I'll Make it Look Like An Accident
What doesn’t kill us—
Just wears us down.
been lowered down.
Into a pit
With no hope, no hope—
Only a prescient haze
Of trials to come
Of tribulations that will make me undone.
It wouldn’t have to hurt them—
(Those that I love)
It wouldn’t have to hurt them so much—
If I fell,
Was sick for a spell,
Or drove
Into a well…
I could get away with it all.
I stare up at the sky and there confound
None of the stars smile down
I stare up at the sky and the sun is black
I stare and I stare
and the devil stares back.
Temptation, temptation—the fruit of revelation:
An accident, to be sure
A surrender no one could know
And so, for them—
A softened blow.
My hair is brown, a crown
On my aching head
I would color it red—
A murderous intention
My dreams full of invention
to pose it
As an accident
No one would have to know
How I wish, wish wish—
To be done
To lie down
And be de
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 14 25
Turn Around
I never thought you'd go so obligingly
From the bed, the house, the garage even—
Like angels ascending to their own parts of heaven
Like demons descending to their own parts of hell—
I guess I don't really know you so well.
I never thought my voice could be shrill
Commanding you out of the space I have carved—
Like Lady Macbeth I am playing a part
Like Lord Macbeth I take more than my share—
And I turn around
And you are not there.
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 8 15
Tomorrow Won't Be Yesterday
Tomorrow Won't Be Yesterday
The light is on
I'm awake
You're sleeping next to me
I think I've had
All I can take
It's all that I can see
Ruined promises
Roses, diamonds gold
I never would have wished for them
If I hadn't been told—
"Baby you're the one for me
I'll never let you down
Here take my hand I'll lead the way
I'll make you safe and sound
Darling you're the one for me
And I am so glad I found
You're beautiful you're wonderful
You make me so damn proud"
But the light is on
I'm writing this
And your eyes are closed so tight
I can't remember
Your last smile
I only recall the fight
Ruined promises
Hopes that could spring free
I never would have wished for them—
If you hadn't promised them to me.
So do the only thing you can
To wipe my tears away
Wake up baby and promise me—
Tomorrow won't be yesterday.
Turn off the light--
Wake up and say--
Tomorrow won't be yesterday.
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 13 16
Princess Up in The Tower
Princess Up in The Tower
Thunder and lightning don't scare me
But the sounds from upstairs are fierce—
I hear the pain as she's screaming
I hear the drip of her tears.
The daughter is thrown to a corner,
And I hear the thump on the floor.
I wish I could stand up there for her—
I wish I could do something more.
But down here I have no power
And the bombs and grenades ensue
Princess, up in your tower—
I wish I could rescue you.
Princess up there in your tower—
I remember being you.
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 15 24
The Moon without You
The Moon without You
The moon without you is presciently full
Bombastically loud
Bothersome, bright
Eclipsed by trees who guard the way
Extending their branches like barbed-wire fences
Giving me exonerating defenses
Trapping night's mistress
In the basket of their leaves.
The moon without you is yellow—
Now blue.
White was for purity
Yellow for perfidy
And blue is the lonesome color of pain.
The moon will never be white again.
And I have never seen a falling star
But watch, diligently, as the moon breaks down
To be comforted by the sun—
Cold in the morning,
But so gently colored--
Spilling out light like the hope from communion.
The sun ultimately wins the fight.
The moon wanes--
The wolves moan--
And I am just waiting for you to come home.
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 10 13
For Katrina Five Years Later
For Katrina Five Years Later
As it was in the beginning
So shall it be
In the end.
I've finally come full circle
Five years after five
You no longer exist, to me—
Nor I to you.
But I remember how it was before
And after
And after
And now.
I owe you a debt
And now will repay it
With an abeyance
With no more interruptions
With a calm goodbye
And no more recollections
Of hello.
My only wish now
Is for some reincarnation
Someone with brown, curly hair
And wide blue eyes
Who will bounce upon me
Taking a shy greeting
And turning it into five years
Or more—
As it was once
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 4 0
I'm God--Or, at Least I Used to Be
"I'm God, or, at least I used to be"
As only the ruinous races of the world could wound me
I fell—
Off of the silver-lined cloud I climbed on,
Out of the opium blue I claimed—
Into this sea of hurt
Where the dead call for my name
As those diseased and those depraved
Called and cried out to be saved
I now share their pain--
I may well be the same.
I tried,
As only the triumphant try
Precipitating the trumpets of adulation
That the heavenly host provides.
And though victorious
In sacrifice
I lost my godly gloriousness
And thusly plummeted
From my prodigious height.
Such a similar circumstance—
Orchestrating the orbital dance
My finger in every earthly pie—
But it is not enough for a god to try
A god must be
Stalwart, constant, indubitably—
And never compromised.
Magnificence and magnanimity
Should pour from robes with folds of gold—
A god could never grow so old,
Or release the most requiescat of souls-
Or break in two when so slightly pulled…
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 14 14
I'm no longer happy
With love
Though at this point, I thought I'd be.
That at this point, I would understand
Those misunderstood foibles that make true love
Hubris—I guess-- Icarus, I am.
I indulged too much
I enjoyed
Too much.
And now in gilded chains
And eloquent vows
I live, manacled to love.
This love inspires no pleasure
This love knows full well of its wrongs
And weighs me down like an anchor at sea
Mired, stymied, stuck in the sand
When I thought I would still be dancing—
Dancing, light-footed, delighting—
And now here I am, fallen
Here in this love-- I failed.
And no one caught me
There was no one there to catch me—
I am nobody's catch.
I am lonely, again, Love.
I never thought I would be.
I paraded you out with bombastic trombones
And I clothed myself in your raiment and robes —I reveled
And I slept with you—consumed by you--
Enveloped in velvet flesh I slept!
And when I woke up
With no arms around me
A millions minutes
Since you first
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 10 23
Impateint Embrace
Impatient Embrace
I waited for you--
Like a puppy.
Ready to jump right to you
When you finally came on home…
But the waiting
Became a lingeringly
Became a longing
Became lonely
It was a vigil
And you never walked right in…
And in a way, I'll always be here
By the front door
Desperately wanting
To jump right to you
Despondently waiting
For you to come home…
To walk right in
And find your way
Into such an
Impatient embrace
That neither you nor I
:iconrainonwednesday:rainonwednesday 10 3
I post almost everything I write...which means there is an equal amount of crap and gold. Sift until you find something that appeals to you, and please don't judge me on just one poem.


Gothic Couples by Yehiazz Gothic Couples :iconyehiazz:Yehiazz 2 2
Mature content
Foot-Long :iconbeyond-the-pages:Beyond-the-Pages 2 6
Teatime by kr0mat1k Teatime :iconkr0mat1k:kr0mat1k 661 167 a drowning by Pathogens a drowning :iconpathogens:Pathogens 684 84
I lost sleep over Paris.
the planning, sure,
and the street maps and sewer maps and guidebooks, sure,
and floor plans of the Louvre;
but my lights stayed on at night not out of excitement but apprehension,
for in truth I was worried about Paris. Worried about Paris,
worried for Paris, as one worries for another person,
worried that Paris would grow up to be a Tokyo, or worse, a New York,
worried that these slow overlappings would come to overwhelm
the city and me. The snow on the streets
I made a mess in Paris.
my new bright cheap lipstick and smudged eyeliner
and the club was too bright and where were the people I had come with?
Had I ever actually come here, or had I just been this way?
the two balloons inside of me, one of water, one of helium,
dragging me down and up but instead of balance, imbalance,
and I tried to sob but instead it was a smile
and I tried to sit down but instead I walked
oh how I walked that night morning noon
not caring cuz I didn't know an
:iconall-hours:all-hours 1 2
Daily Literature Deviations for August 16, 2010
Daily Lit Deviations for August 16th, 2010
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
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Featured by: bleusman

"android, gynoid." by rottenpeeches
No word is wasted in this poem - vivid
imagery and eloquent metaphors describe
what many poets are tempted to say directly.
This poem gets its true power from what's left unsaid.
Featured by the-photographicpoet

I Twirled
:icondailylitdeviations:DailyLitDeviations 67 10
The Seven Deadly Sins: VANITY by dahlig The Seven Deadly Sins: VANITY :icondahlig:dahlig 71,054 6,468 STOP It's Hammer time by alyth3cat STOP It's Hammer time :iconalyth3cat:alyth3cat 6 36 Whats it like to be me by Capricornicis Whats it like to be me :iconcapricornicis:Capricornicis 41 24
The Legend of the Mermaid
The Legend of the Mermaid
One stormy night,
Misty skies awakened
As the Heavens mourned
Their falling star;
She danced to the Earth below,
But to the others' eyes
Mira plummeted to her death.  
I looked out the window of the Sea-Side Pub.  I don't know why I did.  Looking at the night sky always made me sad.  To see the stars twinkling gloriously off in the distance, like little beacons of his memories, little keepers of his eternal soul.  A dark storm gripped the heavens tonight; I could tell by the way the glow of the stars seemed almost to flicker.  Just as he had taught me.  
Longing griped me, closed off my throat and burned my eyes with prickling tears begging to be set free.  If only I could touch his face one more time, stare deep into those gorgeous green eyes, eyes that he said mirrored my own.  Of course I never believed him.  His eyes could outshine the stars.  
:iconjadengurldreamer:JadengurlDreamer 6 11
01. Introduction
The New Student
She’s so scared of the sadistic teacher who will make her stand up and say hello to the class
So many eyes trained on her she’ll vomit, scream, cry
Quickly, anxiously she raises her hand to be excused to the bathroom
There, in the shell of the stall, she takes a deep breath and tries to remember who she really is
And what her name means
And how she’ll introduce herself
To the vicious, snarling crowd of students waiting
To swallow her up.
:iconsomeonesable:someonesable 4 0
The old house still stands.
Sometimes words are not enough
when you got the world hanging on your shoulders;
my dear, I know it so well. I take it whole
from where it was still. I take the pain as my own.
It's a way of living, when your life seems to have broken average.
I am the mundane look of everything that could ever been,
flowers that could have blossomed, bridges that could have led somewhere,
but I'm lost in a maze of excuses. A maze I've built.
Don't take it wrongly, it's a way of feeling alive,
this picking of wrongs to make right. The puzzle is my own.
The pieces are scattered all around places I dare not look.
Epics have been written, but can't touch distant wrists.
Every waking morning is a new day to be born again.
But every thought is a stillborn attempt. I create myself
every step of the way. Trying to be what I cannot become.
Oh father, if only my wrists were thicker
for you to see me lift the world above my head. I could.
But all I do is a circle in the sand to walk on,
I cannot take a deep brea
:iconsm26:sm26 7 1
Sheffield Stained Glass HDR by Sensei-Samurai Sheffield Stained Glass HDR :iconsensei-samurai:Sensei-Samurai 44 14 Holding Thoughts in my Heart by Ajeje Holding Thoughts in my Heart :iconajeje:Ajeje 17 16 A Perfect Farewell by ErikBjornor A Perfect Farewell :iconerikbjornor:ErikBjornor 22 61



United States
Someday I'll write something meaningful here...

Current Residence: Vancouver, BC
Favourite genre of music: indie
Favourite style of art: art nouveau
Operating System: windows
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: the green fairy....
Personal Quote: love is so short, forgetting is so long
Ideas would help

Hello Lovlies,

As usual I am going through a rough patch.  I had a kidney stone a few weeks ago and the doctor gave me Tramadol. It's a very weak pain med; but supposedly works really well with the bupenorphine I'm on now.

I took it for a few days and the voices reappeared. Then, we got into a little tiff with our landlords and suddenly everything went pear shaped.  I am now on medication three times a day: when I wake up, in the afternoon, and in the evening. I can't drive, and I had to miss Phillip's grandmother's funeral. I felt like such a horrible person for not being able to go---not being able to go because I am insane.

This place I'm living in is just too stressful. The landlords are constantly screaming at each other, and when the voices come I think they're screaming at me. I can hear them screaming at me. I get a little better, but then something happens and now I'm worse off than I started. I need to go home—but last time I spent a while at home my landlords were unhappy.

I know what you're thinking, but moving is not a good idea now—not with Phillip still being on disability and only getting 70% of his pay. As soon as I can drive (or find a ride) I will go home—I lined up some doctors' appointments for next week, so I have an excuse.

Here is the real issue and what I need help with:  Phillip and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary on the 12th. After all the shit we've been through this year I want to do something really special (and frugal). We had planned to buy each other little trinkets (no more than $50) and having dinner at a nice restaurant…..but now I can't drive (as you know, he can't drive because he's leagally blind), I have no energy to go shopping , and don't think I could make it through a high-class restaurant experience….maybe not even a restaurant at all. I'm just tired and loopy and so, so unhappy at this point.

Please give me some ideas as to how to celebrate this anniversary that do not include me cooking or having to clean up after myself or just watching a movie….something .special. I feel that I need it after everything that happened this year—Phillip and I are back on the same page and we should celebrate; but I am screwing everything up. SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM

Let me know.

Love as always,

  • Eating: too much
  • Drinking: not enough...

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